Babbage : (v.) The act of having a kebab. I went for some ~ on the way back from the pub.

Bagpiping: (v.) To vent anal gas into the face of a co-aviator using ones immersion suit. The torso of the suit acting as the ‘bladder’, the sleeve the chanter, a bagpiping motion is used to compress and duct high pressure stale air. Chaff

Balmy: (adj.) Comedically used to describe a cold day. Eg: its a ~ minus 2 degrees outside.

Bang off: (v.) To selectively jettison something from an aircraft.

Base command : (n.) One’s wife. Dragon Ops, Long haired air marshall, Red air

Basics: (excl.) Something elementary has been forgotten or neglected. Often used as a reprimand.

Be better: (phr.) The lowest form of instructional technique offered by instructors to students when they have no idea how to improve the student’s ability. cf. BTAC

Beano brief : (n.) A list of places or things to do that are not permitted. From the words ‘be’ and ‘no’.

Beat up: (v.) To fly too close to something on the ground. Rinse out, Wax, Wire cf. Dust off

Beeps and squeaks: (n.) Term used by the uneducated to describe the action of electronic warfare, specifically jamming. Bells and whistles cf. Ones and noughts, White man’s magic, Wiggly amps, Sky hooks, Bernouilis, Lift fairies.

Beer O Clock : (n.) The time at which alcohol is to be consumed.

Behind the drag curve: (sim.) In a position where successful completion of the task is unlikely. Behind the aircraft

Bell up : (v.) To make initial RT contact with an agency. Eg: Lets ~ Leeming Approach. Chop (across) to, QSY

Bernouillis: (n.) Term used by the uneducated to describe the origin of lift. Sky hooks, Lift fairies

Billy : (adj.) An amplifier of any word beginning with the letter b. Eg: ~ bonus, ~bollocks, ~big steps. Exception ~no mates.

Billy no mates: (n.) A person with little or no social standing in their peer group Cf. DTF

Bitch: (n.) A designated slave performing a particular function. Eg: tea and coffee ~.

Bite the bullet: (v.) To wholeheartedly accept the consequences of the current situation.

Black…: (v.) To destroy or render useless for a non specific period of time. Eg: I ~ed the toilet. Cat 5

Blah: (n. v.) Term used to describe strings of words that hold no significance, or no interest, to the speaker. Eg: he was ~ing at me all night. Blurb

Blasting out : (v.) Used to describe the act of taking off usually used in briefing of sorties.

Block: (n.) Used to describe age with reference to which decade of life a person is in. From air defence terminology for blocks of 10’000s feet. Eg: He is mid ~ 3 (He is in his mid 30s).

Bloggsing : (v.) To deliberately perform a mistake when flying to test the vigilance of your team or crew. cf. Bloggs

Blue blue day : (n.) Describes a day clear of cloud with good visibility. Ginners, Scorchio

Blue suiter : (n.) A non-aircrew member of the Royal Air Force, who wears number 2 uniform on a regular basis. Bluntie

Blunch: (n.) From a combination of the words blunt and lunch. Formed by those of resentful ground branch (see Blunties) who are able to take their lunch at the same time every day, whereas aircrew seldom can. cf. Bluntie, PONTI

Bluntie: (n.) Any member of the Royal Air Force who is not aircrew. cf. Scribbley, PONTI, REMF

Blurb: (n.) Information pertaining to the subject being spoken about. Eg “have you read the ~ about this visit?”

Bnag: (onomat.) Alternative word for people who are afraid or unwilling to say bang.

Bold underlined*: (adj.) Very important.

Bong: (v.) To infringe a safety margin, restriction, or pass below a cleared level. Eg: You are in trouble because you ~ed controlled airspace.

Bottom line: (n.) After everything else has been taken into consideration this is the most important fact. Usually used to describe at least 5 different facts. At the end of the day cf. NB

Brain fart: (n.) 1. When one is incapable of giving the correct answer to a problem 2. A completely inappropriate comment, reply or action. cf. Coggie

Bread and butter: (adj.) Term used to describe actions that are used so often that they are often considered the basic principles of the subject under discussion. Meat and two veg, Pain au beurre

British Waste of Space: (n.) Derogarory term for BAE Systems – purveyor of substandard and overpriced equipment to armed forces the world over.

Broad brush: (adj.) Generally encompassing. cf. Big Picture

BTAC: (acron.) Be There and Cope. Used as a substitute when someone is incapable of giving useful instruction. cf. Be better

Bubble: (n.) A theoretical protected area around aircrew prior to flying into which no distractions should penetrate or else the bubble will be said to have burst resulting in possible degradation of performance.

Build a shed: (v.) To become extremely inebriated. Shedded, Get a shed on

Bullshit flags*: (n.) A pretend flag that could be pretend raised to indicate that someone has delivered incorrect information.

Bumboozle: (v.) To confuse the audience usually with over complicated unnecessary facts and figures.

Burning holes in the sky*: (v.) Flying in the same piece of airspace for a long period of time.

Burst transmission: (excl.) Please repeat your last statement at a slower pace, as you were speaking too quickly for me to understand you. cf. Say again

Bzzz: (excl.) Used to signal disinterest or irrelevance of the current topic of discussion. May be accompanied by annoying finger gesture.

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