G-Limited: (phr.) Used when choosing a curry from a restaurant menu as an excuse not to have a particularly hot one as this may cause problems when flying under increased g-force.

GAFA: (acron.) Greater Arabian Fuck All – Large area of featureless desert that constitutes most of the Middle East

Gaff : (n.) One’s place of residence.

Get in my/your chilli: (phr.) To unnecessarily interfere with somebody’s plan, usually without all the information. Long Screwdriver

Gimlet: (n.) A small boring tool

Give a good listening to: (phr.) The act of being bollocked

Give birth to a (….): (v.) A way of saying that one is about to defecate. One inserts the trade the they most despise at the end of the phrase. Eg: I’m off to ~ admin’er. Drop a (…) off at the pool

Golden: (adj.) To be without blame.

Good Drills: (phr.) To show ones approval of actions, often meant in a slightly patronising manor. Good Skills

Granularity: (adj.) A stupidly semi-ironic intentionally comedic way of describing: detail. Eg: Let me give some ~ about that plan.

Grating my chode: (adv.) Something that is very annoying.

Ground happy: (adj.) A state of mind where having spent a long time away from flying that you now fear it.

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