Daily drama: (n.) The emergency discussed each morning at the squadron meteorological briefing. Snag of the day

Dakka-dakka-dakka: (onomat.) A verbal simulation of the sound of gunfire. Brrrt

Dangle the dunlops : (v.) Lower the Undercarriage Dirty up

Dark blue looker : (n.) A Royal Navy Aircrew Observer. Talking ballast

Dark o’clock: (n.) Very early in the morning. Crack of a sparrow’s, Stupid o’clock, O-dark hundred, O-four fuck’s sake, O-silly hundred, Early doors

DCO/DNCO: (abbr. n.) Used to describe the outcome of a liaison with a member of the opposite sex – Duty (Not) Carried Out. In hot/Off Dry

Dead sparrows : (n.) The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team

Deal yourself/myself in: (stat.) Feel free to expend as much effort as you like partaking in the activity we have been discussing.Fill yer boots

Dealing out the cards*: (US. v.) Allocation of resources.

Decrement: (v.) Reduce quantity. From stores management terminology.

Deep joy: (stat.) Used ironically to show ones distaste at the current situation.

Deep-throat the cock of death: (v.) Do something that one is extremely unwilling to do. Suck the hind tit

Deferred success*: (adj.) A failure. cf. Off spec

Departing the fix: (v.) Leaving somewhere. Make like a, Foxtrot oscar, SID, Bang out, Poke off, Do one

Detailed: (v.) To assign someone a task. Eg: I ~ Tom to fix that.

Dink: (v.) To lightly tap. Dunk, Thunk

Do one: (v.) To leave a locale. Bang out, Foxtrot oscar, SID … out of here, Make like a, depart the fix, Poke off

Dobi: (pl. n.) One’s dirty laundry cf. Dobi dust

Dobi dust: (n.) Washing powder. cf. Dobi

Dog’s knob/bollocks: (adj.) Something very obvious which inexorably attracts the attention. Stone bonker cf. Nebby

Doing a Mexican hat*: (v.) Flying in circles around the same point.

Dommers: (n.) A domestics card for a formation of aircraft.

Doms chit*: (n.) A piece of paper containing all the domestic aspect of a sortie.

Done & dusted: (adj.) Finished. cf. Put this one to bed

Dope on a Rope: (n.) Term for the RAF SAR winchman Wire Straightener

Down in the weeds: (adj.) At low level. Weedysphere

Down the hill: (adv.) In a dive.

Download met: (v.) Attend a meteorological briefing.

Downwind of: (v.) To have progressed past or completed something. Eg: I’m downwind of the range phase.

Dragon ops: (n.) One’s wife. CinC home command, M.R.S.

Draw a line under: (v.) To emphasise that something has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion and need no longer be discussed. cf. Put this one to bed

Drink on the met: (v.) To be sure that the meteorological forecast for the next day is so bad that one will not be flying and therefore not obey the drinking consumption and time limit rules pertaining to safe aviation. Met roulette

Drinking straw : (n.) Term describing a very narrow field of view of a sensor on an aircraft, often applied to the Thermal Imaging and Laser Designation Pod. Eg: It’s difficult to acquire a target when you are looking down the ~.

Dripathon: (adj.) A very long slow empartment of information with nearly no respite.

Drop a (…) off at the pool: (v.) A way of saying that one is about to defecate. One inserts the trade the they most despise at the end of the phrase. Eg: I’m off to ~ admin’er ~. Give birth to a (…)

Drop agent orange: (v.) To pass wind in a crowded public place. cf. Chaff

Dropping a paveway 6*: (v.) To defecate. Reduce the boarding mass, dump down to landing weight, increase the gliding range, A BITE and download

Dry your eyes: (phr.) Used to silence someone with problems when sympathy is not available or suitable to be dispensed. Man up, Get some hair on your arse, Zip in a spine

DTE: (acron.) Ditch the execs. An order to the effect that the current activities are to proceed without the presence of the squadron’s senior officers present. cf. DTF

DTF : (acron. v.) Ditch The Fucker. The act of evading spending social time with someone you dislike.

Ducks in a row: (phr.) To be thinking well in advance of the current situation – for air and ground use Ahead of the aircraft

Duff: (adj.) Incorrect. Usually used in conjunction with Gen.

Dump down to landing weight: (v.) To defecate. Reduce the boarding mass, A BITE and download, Increase the gliding range, Drop a paveway 6

Durka-Durka-stan: (n.) Anywhere in the Middle East Sandpit, Hot and sandy place

Dust off: (v.) To fly too close to another aircraft cf. Wax, Beat up

Dutch helicopter: (n.) A windmill.

Duty grown up: (n.) The immediate supervisor of the current activity who is responsible for it

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