Early doors: (n.) 1. Very early in the morning. 2. At a much earlier time than expected. Dark o’clock, Crack of a sparrow’s, Stupid o’clock, O-dark hundred, O-four fuck’s sake, O-silly hundred

Ease springs: (v.) To urinate. cf. Reduce the boarding mass

Economy of effort : (adj.) Term taken from air power doctrine and used as an excuse for getting a pass mark just above the required percentage in an exam. cf. Aircrew A, A kill is a kill

Egg: (n.) Elementary knowledge. From sucking eggs. Eg This is probably ~ but. Sucking eggs, Egg sucking exercise

Egyptian PT*: (v.) The act of sleeping.

Electric hat: (n.) A flying helmet. Bone dome, Lid

Emergency banter: (n.) Light-hearted parlance of an offensive nature used defensively when no witty comments can be thought of. Eg: Fuck off; Your mum. cf. Rev

Emu: (n.) A tall woman that cannot fly particularly well if at all.

End of: (adj.) This topic of the conversation is over, nothing you say to me about it will be acknowledged from now on. cf. Endex

Endex: (n.) Finish. Knock it on the head cf. End of

Engineering tap: (adv.) A blow administered to a piece of faulty equipment as a quick solution. cf. Aircrew reset/recycle

Erg: (n.) A generic unit of power. Usually refers to propulsion. cf. Bernoullis, Wiggly amps

Essential bus*: (n.) The last bus to town after happy hour. Shed bus

Excrement!: (stat.) A word used in jest as a substitute for the word excellent. Billy bonus/bollocks

Execery: (adv.) A collection of a squadron’s flight commanders, executive officers and boss. cf. Head honcho, Top of the shop

Exemplar: (n.) An example.

Exit via the sunroof*: (v.) To eject. Bang seat, Rocket-propelled deckchair, Yellow and black taxi, Martin Baker Option

Exploding Chair: (n.) Ejector Seat

Eye snatcher*: (n.) An optician cf. Fang snatcher

Eyes on: (v.) To visually acquire something. Tally

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