F1 (something)*: (adj.) The best possible (something). A flawless version of (something). Eg: That was an ~ sortie plan.

Face-time: (phr.) Non productive time spent on the Sqn to impress superior officers

FACIT*: (acron.) Fuck about call it training.

Faff: (n. v.) 1. n. Unnecessary and possibly distracting things. 2. v. Waste time on activities not pertinent to the task in hand.

Fag chariot: (n.) A Tornado F3 aircraft. cf. Charioteer

Fall off: (v.) To be cancelled. Canned, Scrubbed cf. Slip to the right

Fandango*: (adj.) Highly intricate and complicated.

Fang snatcher*: (n.) A dentist. cf. Eye snatcher

Fast ball: (n.) A problem of which one has received little or no prior notification.

Fat Albert : (n.) Lockheed C130 Hercules

Fat finger: (v.) To type. Eg: You need to ~ that into the computer.

FAUTMOB: (acron.) Fuck All Use To Man or Beast. Something which is useless.

Feds: (n.) The military police Rozzers

Feet wet/dry: (adj.) To be directly overhead water or land.

Fella: (n.) Term of address generally used by individuals unable or unwilling to remember a person’s name. Mate, Chap

Fess up: (v.) Own up to a mistake.

Fettle: (v.) Manipulate figures or navigational waypoints to improve a solution. Ackle, Fudge, Frig

Fightergator: (n.) A weapons systems operator.

File bravo one November*: (n.) The bin.

Fill your boots: (phr.) Feel free to expend as much effort as you like partaking in the activity we have been discussing. cf. Crack on

Fin ‘F’: (adj.) Tornado specific – a declaration that one is full, usually of beer. A reference to the indicator light in the cockpit when the fin fuel tank is fuelled to capacity.

Finals to: (adj.) Approaching the terminal stages of something. If preceded by ‘short’ then very near the terminal stages of something. cf. Vinegar strokes

Fine pitch: (adv.) Haste. Eg: We left there in ~.

Finesse: (v.) To adjust something to make it work better. Frig, Fudge, Fettle

Finger faff: (adv.) The act of not achieving the aim through incorrect pressing of buttons due to confusion. Eg: Sorry i was on the wrong frequency, I had a ~ cf. Fat finger

Fire it up the chain: (v.) To present an idea or comment to higher echelons of command.

Firewall: (v.) The position that you push the throttles to when you are late. Balls to the wall cf. Meningyknots, Warp factor snot, Shit off a shiny shovel

Five/Ten/ Twenty spot: (n.) A note of the local currency. cf. Blat, Shekel, Beer token/chit

FJC*: (acron. n.) Fast Jet Cock. Used in a self complimentary way to indicate that women are attracted to fast jet aircrew, Eg: You can tell she wants some ~.

Flag up: (v.) Draw attention to an error or omission.

Flapping: (v.) To be visibly and audibly distressed by something. cf. Faff, Rolling goat

Flare/Chaff it off: (v.) To get rid of something, particularly an onerous task. Eg: He asked me to check all last years stats but i managed to ~ Chin off, Gaff off

Flash to bang time: (n.) The amount of time between the instigation of an action and its consequences, esp. relating to bad news, and ensuing anger.

Flash up: (v.) 1. Display on a computer screen. 2. Get aggressively irate.

Flex: (n.) An ability to reallocate resources should a change of circumstances demand it. eg: have we got the ~ to go to the range?

Flexible feast: (adj.) A plan that could result in many varied ways of achieving the aims.

Flick spin die/depart: (v.) A quick sucession of catastropic events leading to death or serious injury.

Flight level nosebleed: (n.) A very high altitude.

Flight safety video/publication: (n.) Pornographic video/magazine.

Flip Flop: (v.) To change. Eg: We’ll just keep ~ing between frequencies.

Floating around in the ether*: (adj.) Travelling at a random speed and height close to low level heights but not tactical.

Flugeling: (v.) Deutchlish word for flying.

Fly it up the flag pole (And see who salutes it): (v.) To initiate the early stages of a plan and gauge the reaction of those associated with it. Press to test

Fly what you fly, log what you need: (phr.) The act of recording that one has acheived basic training requirements or hours when one may not have actually physically achieved them. Sharp pencil

Flying prevention branch: (n.) The medical branch.

Flying tea trolley: (n.) A harrier aircraft. Plastic pig, Wozzle jet, Bona

Foot stamper: (unknown) Something that may catch you out or disrupt your plan. Gotcha cf. Showstopper

For cash: (adv.) Approximately. Eg; That’s 3 miles ~. cf good enough for government work

For my money: (phr.) In my opinion.

For real aye: (phr.) In reality. Said in the accent of Ali G.

For shits and giggles/grins: (adj.) For no other reason than it’s providing amusement.

For you the war is over: (v.) Decrease one’s state of readiness for the foreseeable future. …and relax, Hang slack, Chill herbs

Foxtrot oscar: (v. phon.) To remove oneself from the locale. cf. SID, Depart the fix, Do one, Bang out, Poke off, Make like a…

Frag: (v.) 1. To allocate someone or something to a task 2. To seriously damage something or someone.

Frat: (v.) To kill your friend in air combat.

Frig: (v.) To adjust something instinctively to make it work in reality. Ackle, Fettle, Fudge

Frig/fudge-factor: (n.) An improvised factor to apply to a set of figures to achieve a better-looking solution. Ackle, Fettle

From that side (of the house): (phr.) Concerning one of the factors of the topic we are discussing.

From the (something) side : (stat.) Concerning one of the factors of the (something) we are discussing. From that side

From the get go: (adj.) From the very beginning. From the word go

From the word go: (adj.) From the very beginning. From the get go

Fuck me readers/sideways/backwards: (excl.) Indicates shock at a revelation or situation. Usually sarcastic. (From Viz’s Roger Mellie) Shitty death

Fuck off in Fine Pitch: (unknown) Turbo prop expression meaning to leave a situation or location as quickly as possible.Maxi-Chat, Balls to the Wall

Fuck off to gaurd: (v.) Phrase used in formation briefing to help remember that the signal to go to the UHF distress frequency is two fingers pointing upwards.

Fuck this for a game of soldiers: (stat.) I am no longer prepared to devote any attention to the current activity because I have lost interest or disapprove of it.

Fudge: (v.) To adjust something instinctively to make it work in reality. Ackle, Fettle, Frig

Fuel bitches: (pl. n.) Least capable ac in a combined air operation package from a fuel point of view, around which most of the sortie planning has to be done Weak sisters

Fur ball: (n.) An area where intense air combat is taking place. cf. Knife fight in a phonebox

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(n.) RAF Avionics Technician Dog-Fucker

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