HAIGTDT: (acron.) How Am I Going To Do This? Ridiculously long non-spoken acronym sometimes used by idiots in briefs or planning.

Hanger queen: (n.) An aircraft that seems to be permanently broken.

Hanging on the blades: (adv.) To put an aircraft in a position where it’s performance only just exceeds the demands placed upon it by the forces gravity and drag.

Harry ….: (allit.) Can\’t think of one, there are so many, such as Harry Honkers (Hong Kong also the act of vomiting) Harry Crashers (fast asleep) There\’s a whole bunch of them, so, what about adding a new section, to which contributions could be made ?

Head honcho: (n.) The most senior person present. Top of the shop

Head shed: (n.) The senior person present. Head Honcho, Top of the shop

Hip pocket: (n.) The closest suitable diversion for an aircraft.

Hittile: (n.) A missile which has no proximity sensor and needs to hit you before exploding.  Used by idiots who have no idea of the Latin roots of the word ‘missile’ (mittere – to send out).

Honk: (v.) To vomit.

Honking: (adv.) Very powerful in terms of velocity or energy. Usually applied to wind.

Honking TACAN: (n.) Navigator Backseater

Hot and sandy lands: (adj.) A desert theatre of operations. Sandpit

HOTASery: (unknown) A very specialised part  fictional educational subject created to express the familiarity with the sequence of switches that need to be made to allow the desired action to occur. HOTASery is only associated with those switches found on the throttle or stick.

Hurry up and wait: (phr.) Used to describe frustration usually with movements personnel who hurry you to place only for you to be waiting what seems to be unreasonable amounts of time when you get there for the next step or stage.

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