Preface to Edition 2 (December 2004)

The initial response to the Aircrew Dictionary has been enthusiastic. Since its release in Autumn 2004 we have been inundated with fresh material for this 2nd edition.

Over 70 new phrases have been added to this edition. All new additions to the dictionary are denoted by the * symbol. This edition also sees the introduction of the Generic Military Nicknaming Procedure.

It has come to my attention that the Aircrew Dictionary is being abused. Some individuals seem to be using it as a rich source of new phrases to add to their already deficient vocabulary. In an ideal world this dictionary would shrink with each new edition as the number of phrases in widespread use decreased. I urge you to use the dictionary as tool for educating those unfortunate people who are addicted to clichĂŠDo not allow yourself to be seduced into using the phrases yourself.