Preface to Edition 4 (May 2005)

People are still inventing newer and more ridiculously contrived phrases in an effort to enhance their conversations with their work colleges, unfortunately making those who don.t speak .aircrew. feel a little .left out.. As long as this happens there will always be new editions of this Aircrew Dictionary. This edition has received some very helpful online contributions from the website and through the address.

The new additions to this edition of the Aircrew Dictionary are as follows:

Head-scratching, Slow time, Blunch, Arse about face, Master purple rating, Up the chuff, Ballistic, Black art, Frat, Helen Keller, Green brain, Cleared solo, Peanut gallery, Disregard, Outbreak of morale, Billy bollocks/bonus, Bite you in the arse, Off the top of your head, Warm fuzzy (feeling), Sitch, Sitrep, Excrement!, Get to it, From the word go, Fag chariot, Badger, Non-standard, Science occurs, To the nth degree, Chuffing, Kin, Get on the blower to, Goon bag, Grow bag, Babygrow, TAFing, How do you think that went?, Pilot shit, Bag of bits, Gashing, Nibbled to death by ducks, Yarnex, Yawnex, Chimp, Bootleg, Op deny Christmas/Easter/Leave, Out of the equation, Out of the picture, Pissing into wind, Round the houses, Schoolboy (error), Seat to stick interface, Shedded, Get a shed on, Build a shed, Singley, Switched on, Officer.s height and gentlemen.s speed, Doors check, Firewall, Flying prevention branch, Sniper, Bitch, Target fixation, Single target track, Air tragic, Hoop, Jumping through hoops, Playing the game, In spades, Basically, Matey boy, Copied, System wibble, Frig, Crack, Done to death, Hammer away, Granite, From the get go, Bloggs, Paperworkex, Fudge, General Yamsing / Yamamoto, Stude, Jolly, Tea and medals, Ahead of the drag curve, Kit, Chop (across) to, Pop, Valley bashing, Milling around, Flapping, Detachment rules, Hoik/Hoyk, Crank it round, Combat z.s, Chaffe, (someone.s name) In the chair, Bum/Good steer, Show them the hairy side, Musical runways, Bastardize, Shit and derision, Shit tip, BIC, Spondoolies, Gibloons, What goes on tour stays on tour, Bona, Plastic pig, Flying tea trolley, Wozzle jet, Cummerbunds & waistcoats, Weedysphere, Scooby, Pull the wings off, Marry up, Prob 30, PIO, Tactical chunder, Army shower, For my money, Hack, Mikes, Hoof off, Should have tried harder at school, Joe public, Stay below radar, Nause, Peachy, Blue suiter, Wire, Fine pitch, Down in the weeds, This callsign, Bang for your buck, Tefal head, Teflon shoulders, Snottogram, Hats on, Hat no coffee chat/interview, Out to lunch, Lunch, Shits & grins/giggles. (* in the main document text denotes a new entry this edition.)

When will it ever end? Enjoy edition IV.