Release Notes for Edition 5 (December 2005)

Well it.s been over 6 months since the last edition of the Dictionary and things seem to be slowing down. This edition sees just over 100 new phrases added to the archive. (* in the main document text denotes a new entry this edition.)

New hand gestures have been added to the Aircrew Sign Language Guide. The major new addition to this edition is the Standard Landaway Night Out section. When you find yourself at an unfamiliar airfield, you can go on the standard night out and be assured of enjoyment.

It appears that the Dictionary is evolving into a more of junior aircrew officer.s guide. Whatever will be next? Suggestions to the address below.

Due to problems with internet providers the email address for additions has changed to . The website can still be found at

Enjoy edition V and have a very Happy Christmas.

Tommy B