Release Notes for Edition 6 (January 2007)

It’€™s been over a year since the last edition of The Aircrew Dictionary. In that time there seemed to have been a decline in the elitism and use of ridiculously convoluted phrases. People seemed less inclined to make themselves stand out among others with their confusing and annoying terms. I received only a very small number of prospective additions to the book through the website. I thought the battle was being won. Sadly, in the last 6 months there has been a sharp rise in the number of new phrases that I have heard during my travels from base to base and theatre to theatre, a new outbreak of unnecessary acronyms and a misguided enthusiasm for obscure new phrases has occurred. I have managed to meet a person who seems unable to speak in anything other than this strange language, worse than the original inspiration for the book (See Preface). It is due to that man the dictionary has smashed through the 1000 definition mark with ease. This trend must be reversed but how to tackle such an epidemic? Perhaps we could hold ‘€œbanned phrases days’€ for charity, where all who mutter this insanity are fined for every incursion and the money goes to a worthy cause. Who knows? I am displeased to bring you edition VI of the dictionary. New phrases are still gratefully accepted through word of mouth or via the website.

Enjoy edition VI and have a very Happy New Year.

Tommy B

New Additions to Edition 6:

SOUP, Civvy, Civvy street, Scorchio, Pluck out of one’s arse, Performing a CSAS bite, Dropping a paveway 6, Her Majesty’s flying club, Bar/Beer O Clock, Ascoteer, Shed bus, Essential bus, H Hour, Climb up and level at 2ft 6, Smash it in, Won’t go down and slow down, Hold off, Gats & blats, Peashooter, Minutes few, Jack up, IFU3, VPSI, Maggots, Combat slipper, Combat pyjamas, Crunch, Wedge, Zip in a spine, Get some hair on your arse, Crump, Mincing, No Duff, Surge, Rim no damage, Egyptian PT, RTFQ, Cranium, Skulling, Cranium aspect, Container, Laying on of hands, Master recycle, Canap’Š, Sparrows, Whishile, Rjig/rejigged, Regal Fleigal, BFOT, Graze the base height, Spoon through base height, POOMA, George, Coming down the hill, FACIT, Split team, Blower, RHIP, Lid, Gotcha, Government health warning, Trap, Deferred success, Off spec, Chucks & Ducks, OC Feds, Any spears for me? F1 (something), The office, Spears on the outside, Combat egg, Floating around in the ether, At the, SJ, Honest joe, A gallop through, Bullshit flags, Offline, Wristwatch, Have a sidebar, Lima Charlie, Magners Magners, RFI’s, Dealing out the cards, Big metal tubes, Slammers, Fandango, Plinking, Thing of beauty, Depressurisation, Suited and booted, LI‒s, Hot poop, Shoot and scoot, Military TV Channel, Dommers / Doms chit, Gentlemen’s, Gentlemen’s speed, Gentlemen’s height, Fang snatcher, Eye snatcher, (Something) fires (Something) stops, Snap vector to (Something or Somewhere), Burning holes in the sky, Bold underlined, Above my pay grade, Schlep, Tin hat, Exit via the sunroof, Splash and dash, Game face, Left or right of arc, Crock of hoop/shit, Goolie chit, Bear shoulders, Pussy rock, Long screwdriver, Worth fighting for not worth dying for, Point and shoot, That’€™s what chins are for, LP cock pressure only, VFR Direct, FJC, Punk off, SLJs, Handrail, Actual, Simulated, Combat kip, Get into groove, File bravo one November, Check the actual, Doing a Mexican hat, Uninvited ordinance