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Banned Phrases - K

Kick the tires and light the fires

(v.) To get airborne in an expeditious fashion possibly without regard for thorough procedure. cf. Press tits

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(adv.) Used as a substitute for the word ‘fucking’ (when used as an adverb), by people unwilling to use the word ‘very’. Used to amplify something. Eg. “It is ~ cold.” Chuffing

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Kiss off

(v.) Ignore. Gaff off, Chin off

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(n.) A collection of currency contributed to equally by all members in the group, held by a single nominated person, with which top buy alcoholic beverages for the group. cf. The cat is dead, The cat, shekels, spondoolies

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Knife fight in a phone box

  1. (phr.) Conducting aerial combat in a area of constricted airspace.
  2. (phr.) A dogfight between two highly-maneuverable aircraft. Fur ball

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Knock it on the head

(v.) Terminate the current activity. Endex

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