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Banned Phrases - W


(onomat) A verbal simulation of the sound of weapon detonating or of something hitting something else at speed. Banag cf. Thunk, Dnnk

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(n.) A collection of currency contributed to equally by all members in the group, held by a single nominated person, with which to buy alcoholic beverages for the group. Kitty, Cat

Wang off

(v.) To drop munitions. Punk off, Hoof off

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Wank itself to death

(v.) A process by which a piece of equipment destroys itself by trying to perform more tasks than designed for.


(v.) To unnecessarily refine a plan on the automated mission planning aid. cf. Measure with micrometer hit with an axe

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Warm fuzzy (feeling)

(n.) To feel reassured that one has prepared for all airborne unseen eventualities.

Warp-factor snot

(adj.) Extremely fast indeed. Meningy knots, Shit off a shiny shovel, At the speed of a thousand gazelles

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Wash up

(v.) To conclude summarising the relevant points of a visit, exercise, course or series of events. wind up cf. Bottom line

Waterskiing behind the aircraft

(v.) To have reached the limit of one’s mental capacity when airborne. Hanging off the tailplane cf. Maxed out

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(v.) 1. To fly too close to something on the ground.2. Too beat someone in air combat. Eg: I ~ed his ass. Rinse Out, Beat up, Wire cf. Dust off

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Weak sisters

(pl. n.) Least capable ac in a combined air operation package from a performance point of view, around which most of the sortie planning has to be done. Eg: The egress flow will be the reverse of the Ingress, except for the ~ who will climb to FL 240. Fuel bitches

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(n.) 1. A suitably impressive amount of money. 2. The simplest tool known to man.


(adj.) The extreme low level environment. Down in the weeds

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Weekend Power

(n.) Max Power. max chat, meningyknots


(pl. n.) Liquid refreshments.

What goes on tour, stays on tour

(phr.) A theoretical rule that allows those not in the vicinity of their partner or spouse to cheat on them. Detachment rules, The two tacan rule, beyond 10 west

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Wheels is wheels

(stat.) The stated time of departure for the transport has passed and therefore we should depart without delay even if there are still people yet to board. Can be accompanied by an annoying watch tapping gesture.

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When push comes to shove

(phr.) After everything else has been taken into consideration this is the most important fact. Usually used to describe at least 5 different facts. At the end of the day, Bottom line

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Whistle-stop tour

(n.) A brief summary of all pertinent information relating to the subject under discussion. Quick canter through

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White man’s magic

(n.) Term used by the uneducated to describe the operation of avionics. Black magic, Ones and noughts/zeros cf. Wiggly amps

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White/Green Carder

(n.) Classification of pilot based on the instrument rating that they hold.

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Whoopi Goldberg

(n.) A cup of tea or coffee containing no milk or sugar. NATO standard, Julie Andrews, Lindford Christie, Shirley Bassey

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(stat.) Said when no intelligent answer to a question can be produced. From Black Adder Goes Forth.

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Wide open

(adj.) Very good weather with no cloud and very good visibility. Gin clear

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(n.) A non-specific aerobatic manoeuvre. Octaflugeron cf. Nicky nacky noo

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Wiggly amps

(pl. n.) Term used by the uneducated to describe the action of electromagnetic waves or electronic equipment. cf. Bernouillis, Lift fairies, skyhooks, Ones and noughts/zeros, Science occurs

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(Stat.) I will comply with your instructions. Usually used when talking on the telephone. From Radio Telephony.

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(adj.) Run out of an obvious item, eg “Chaps i’m ~beer”. Bingo

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Wind up

(v.) 1. Increase the difficulty of something. 2. Bring something to a conclusion.

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Wind your neck in / Select “neck in” and wind

(phr.) Please cease to consider your inputs to this conversation of any significance to me. Get back in your box

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Wing it

(v.) Rely on one’s instinctive knowledge to complete a task. Cuff it, TLAR

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(n.) The pilot of the aircraft. Stick monkey, Nose gunner, Seat to stick interface

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Wipe your minge

(v.) Used to tell someone to stop being a wuss and be more like a man: Eg: “I don’t care if Miss Moneypenny dumped you and slept with your brother, ~ Mr Bond.” Man Up, Dry your eyes, Grow a spine

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(v.) To perform an extremely low flypast. Wax, Beat up, Rinse out

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Wire Straightener

(n.) An RAF Search and Rescue winchman. Dope on a rope

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(n.) A missile that has been fired with a very low probability of hitting its target. cf. Telegraph pole

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Witch’s tit

(n.) A reticule slewing controller in the front cockpit of the Tornado GR4 so named for it’s black pointy shape set upon a circular base.

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(acron.) When I was on lightnings, often used to start a boring story. cf. Pull up a sandbag

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Wizard Prang

(adj.) A bombing mission that resulted in a large amount of destruction being caused.

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Woefully inadequate (lacrunabilis inadiquatum)

(adj.) Used to describe the performance (usually of a student on the Harrier Operational Conversion Unit) if they have not performed to the standard required.

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Won’t go down and slow down

(phr.) Seemingly all aircraft type encompassing phrase used by Qualified Flying Instructors to chastise descent profile decisions.

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(adj.) Not exact. So inexact as to be near useless. Nebby

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Work like a one armed paper hanger

(phr.) To work extremely frantically and hard on something.

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Worth fighting for not worth dying for

(phr.) A phrase indicating that the loss of one’s life for this cause is not necessary but it is still a worthy cause.

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Wozzle jet

(n.) A harrier aircraft. Plastic pig, Flying tea trolley, Bona

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(n.) What ever time datum the speaker wishes. Zeberdee, Zulu

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