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Banned Phrases - Y


(v.) To drink one’s drink very quickly with one swift movement. General Yamsing / Yamamoto

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(n.) An extremely long conversation with someone about something. cf. Yawnex

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(n.) An activity that is extremely boring. cf. Yarnex

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(n.) Generic term for larger. cf. Brown

Yellow and black taxi

(n.) Ejection seat. Rocket-propelled deckchair, Bang seat, Martin Baker option, Exit via the sunroof

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Yellow Death Banana

(n.) RAF Seaking SAR Helicopter

You have control

(phr.) You are in charge of the situation or vehicle. You have the con

You have control

(Stat.) You are in charge or leading this particular situation. Honcho

You have the Con

(phr.) You are in charge. You have control


(acron.) You’re on your own.

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(v.) To apply positive g in an attempt to gain a firing solution in air-to-air gunnery Hoik/hoyk

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